Posted by: HelenRortvedt | 21 January 2009



Yours truly in front of what is arguably the largest waterfall in the world.  Some measuring methods put Africa’s Victoria Falls in the number one slot, some say it’s Iguazu.  True to its Guarani name, this is big water, regardless if it is the biggest!


You can take the Adventure Links staff out of the Mountain, but you can’t take the Mountain out of the Adventure Links staff.  Chuck, RoK, Kelley and I rock our our favorite Yee-Haw poses in front of some crazy big water!


Paraguay is hot. Really hot.  But the Paraguayans have invented an ingenious hydration system: terere.  Yerba Mate and ice cold water, often with other herbs for digestion and calming mixed in.  Sipped and passed. Always shared. Brilliant. Liters and liters are consumed daily. Here, me, Kelley and former Bolivia volunteer, Natalie, are sharing terere in the Plaza Uruguaya in Asunción.


Presidential Palace. Asunción, Paraguay.


Andrew (another former Bolivia volunteer) shows us his bee colonies in his new site in Paraguay. That’s me rocking the smoker in the background, looking as cool as ever.


Kelley makes new friends all the time. 🙂


Me, Kelley, Andrew and his host brother, Fernando.  Hangin’ out in the Paraguayan campo. You know. Typical Thursday night.


Are there words?


Obama-mania has come to Asunción! The American flag flies next to its Paraguayan counterpart on Inauguaration Day.  I am holding the daily paper withe the beautiful First Couple on the front page! I think the Obama’s made it on the front page of newspapers in every country in the world yesterday! A wonderful day to be an American. A wonderful day to be able to represent my country in a foreign land.


It just had to be captured.  History only happens every day, you know…



  1. 1.20.09 was SOOOO sweet – as much for Cheney’s last day as for Bush’s. At the moment of Biden’s oath, I lead the crowd around me at the Washington Monument in a boisterous chant of Cheney’s Gone! Cheney’s Gone! The positive vibes for President Obama were palpable. I think you will still feel those vibes here in DC when you get home a week from today! Love Dad

  2. Well, friend, I’d say we had a good month. 🙂 Love you!

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