Posted by: HelenRortvedt | 15 October 2007


Fall has arrived and the leaves are days away from exploding into fiery Awe-ctober-ness. It has been a busy, wandering fall, filled with friends from all around the country. After returning from North Carolina, I made my first visit to Minnesota in nearly two years. A beautiful wedding, and lots of reconnections under my belt, I flew home to Virginia and a whirlwind few weeks at Adventure Links packed with fall programs. The caves were muddy, the rocks were beautiful and the bald eagles were ever-present on the river. The brilliant blue October sky stayed close by like a trusty companion, never straying too far away.

There was a short jaunt back to the Windy City to witness another beautiful marriage of dear friends (a weekend bookended with delicious Pilsen delicacies on the South Side), and then back to the mountain for the premature-Halloween party to end all premature-Halloween parties.

This past weekend took me practically as far away as I could possibly get while staying within the state limits…to Norton, VA to celebrate the temporary homecoming of a friend who has Rocked Moldova (no pun intended…) with his innovative and creative youth programs through the Peace Corps these last two years. Southwestern VA is already ablaze with autumn-ness. Food and laughter were in abundance this weekend, but sleep was in short supply.

I leave for California in two weeks, and I look forward to the adventures that await me there. But for now: I revel in the beauty of my Virginia October. The Old Dominion…it ain’t so bad. 🙂


Sustainability is cool. My alma mater, St. Olaf College now boasts a wind turbine that generates a significant percentage of the electricity needed to power the whole campus. My heart is warmed.

This is what Minneapolis looks like if you squint while jumping up and down.

Mike and Sarah Goldthwait Shoemaker. Matchmaker: me (indirectly, but still!)

AL girls like to get dirty…

…and ride tractors.

Dan and Dana Merk. Woo woo!!

Happy Halloween! (That’s what the sign says.)

Jess, the squirrel wrangler mistook my Pebbles Flintstone disguise for a squirrely treat….

RoK and Chuck anxiously await their turn in “Wah”…the greatest game of all time. Yes, we play games all the time.

Frolicking in the forest. Ah, this is the life.

Anyone else think that the cloud reflected in this pond resembles the Indonesian island of Sulawesi? Anyone? Anyone?

Autumn reflected.


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