Posted by: HelenRortvedt | 17 September 2007

The Land of the Pines

There are many reasons to love Western North Carolina:

Jess and I enjoying an afternoon stroll through Dupont State Park, where many scenes from “The Last of the Mohicans” were filmed.

Triple Falls. Aptly named. Dupont State Forest.

Yes, you read that sign correctly. The French Broad Brewing Co. It’s not just purely ridiculous…the river that runs through Asheville is called (however unfortunately or hilariously) the French Broad River. They brew very good beer here, as you can see by the inspired body messaging.

The main attraction of the greater Asheville area: good friends. Chuck and Kelley rock it out in a local shop.

There are many funny shops in town that sell silly things like this bag. “I love not camping”. We revel in the irony…

My favorite brew that was available for sale here: He’Brew – The Chosen Beer.

Try and remember that you are in the heart of red red North Carolina when you read this…

Enough said.

Art deco reigns. Downtown Asheville.

The Cask Porter of another local brewery. Available for sale at one bar in town or directly from the brewery in the warehouse district. That’s it. Drink local.

There are more bumper stickers per capita in the area than there are cars on the streets. This makes for far more interesting pauses at stoplights. This one, however, takes the cake.

Full service stations DO still exist!

Number one reason to love Asheville: “You are amongst your people in this town.” A quote from Sarah Spooner. The nail has been hit squarely on its head.



  1. Looks like Asheville is good for what “ales” you!

  2. Love it my dear, love it. Great photos, miss ya tons, come back anytime–we enjoy ourselves here in the Ashevegas.

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