Posted by: HelenRortvedt | 12 January 2007

Step One

Tomorrow morning I set out on my first journey of the winter. I will fly to Eleuthera Island in The Bahamas, where I will be co-teaching a visiting class at The Island School.

How did I get so lucky as to be asked to spend two weeks teaching (and learning!) at the Island School? In January no less?? Well, it all began last summer. As I was learning to build traction splits for femur fractures and to diagnose things like inner-cranial pressure (ICP…treat for shock), I met a lovely lady by the name of Jill. Now, Jill is wonderful altogether, but I knew from the start that we were going to get along famously when the requisite introductory “So, what do you do? Where do you live?” conversation I had with her divulged that she was a teacher at an experiential education high school abroad. Now, those are 5 words you don’t offen hear strung together, and they are, in fact, like music to my ears.

As we treated each other for our fake injuries and ailments in a wilderness setting, we began scheming about how to get me down to experience the Island School. Once we were officially dubbed “Wilderness First Responders” at the end of the week, we parted ways, but have remained in contact. So, to make a long story somewhat shorter: tomorrow we will meet bright and early at National Airport (she is originally from the DC area as well) and we will fly down together and prepare for the Tuesday arrival of Ratner MS students and teachers. Check back later for tales of the island…


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