Posted by: HelenRortvedt | 11 December 2006


Some previously (and elsewhere) recorded thoughts of recent travel:

…not the tangible altitude and velocity…but the intangible feeling of the freedom of the road. The journey. It’s my drug. It’s a healthy addiction, and no, I do not believe that it is an impossibility. My healthy addiction pushes me, challenges me, inspires me, paradoxically grounds me and sets me free all at once.

The fatigue, the squat toilets, the cheap wine, the inevitable cultural faux pas, the bottled water with carbonation, the language barrier, the cold rain, the Romanian police, the same clothes for days and days and days…and days.

I love it all.

But even more, I love the people that this world is hiding all around the globe. I have yet to experience a journey that hasn’t introduced me to extraordinary people…many of whom are doing extraordinary things. My most recent journey to Romania and Moldova (with Hungarian bookends) was certainly no exception. To those of you all around the world that I have just described: Thank you. Gracias. Spaciba. Danke. Multumesc. However you say “thank you” in Bangla…

I find that a journey rekindles a flame in me that is so easily smothered by complacent routine. I live for that flame. It’s what makes me…me. A better version of myself.

My greatest challenge is to bring the journey “home” and to feel the way I feel out there when I am back here…

Life is a journey. Every step.


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