Posted by: HelenRortvedt | 8 March 2006

Catch up

So I have found myself with some free time this morning before a hectic class schedule this afternoon, so I figured I would post some more pictures of the last week or so. Enjoy!
Rafaelito and I, hanging out, getting to know one another. Rafael is the son of Karen, who is one of the many cousins in my host family.
Rafael getting his first computer lessons.
Fernanda learning how to use the iBook. While it is essentially useless to know Macs in Nica (there are none, really) she has learned really quickly, and is quite handy with the paint program.
Michael and I at El Astillero.
Fishing boats at El Astillero.
Sunset at El Astillero.
Estuary. During high tide, the Rio Escalante meets the Pacific Ocean here in El Astillero.
Fresh Water. (Well, brackish water, if we are going to get all specific…)
Salt Water.

Sunset at El Astillero.

Mangoes are finally in season! I am a happy camper…

The Catarina Mirador. In person, you can see the city of Granada on the shore of Lake Cocibolca in the background. The picture doesn’t do it much justice…

The Catarina Mirador (look-out point) with Volcan Monbacho looming in the distance.



  1. I’m alllll about that driftwood man. And the volcanoes. Love ’em. Can’t wait to see more pictures of rocks. And people. And people with rocks. Oh! And estuaries! Estuaries make really cool rocks…I’ll tell you about them someday.

    I’m not sure how you manage 42 classes…but actually, I’m not all that surprised seeing as you’re Helen-The-Awesomeist.

    Keep up the good work lovely lady.

  2. hellen- that’s awesome, a small tear is running down my face right now from seeing your beautiful photos of the beach that i wish i could stay near forever. I am so glad you are having a great time and keep courage with the classes- it is really dificult, but just remember that you are inspiring these kids to take a second look at the rest of the world. Way to teach at home as well! Fernanda is soo smart, as is Marcos- it would be awesome if you could teach them how to type so we could stay in touch by internet. Take care and keep posting, we love it. cuidate!

  3. geez, my girl’s looking all hot with the dangly earrings! keep it up, hel! 🙂

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