Posted by: HelenRortvedt | 24 January 2006

More Photos!

Now that I know how to upload photos, I hope to include them in my entries from now on, but here are some “catch-up” photos to enjoy in the meantime:
La casa. Located on a quiet street, just south of the PanAmerican highway (which is really only two lanes through much of Nicaragua), my house is an easy walk to almost anywhere in Jinotepe.

La Catedral. On the east side of the park, the Catedral de Santiago is very typical of Latin American towns.

Parque Central. Shaded and breezy, the park is always bustling.

“Jinotepe: Clean, Cool, Beautiful/Charming”. Not exactly “Cows, Colleges, and Contentment”, but the sentiment is similar. It really is a charming, clean town.

Instituto Juan Jose Rodriguez. This picture doesn’t do it much justice. It has fallen into a bit of disrepair, but there are also great facilities and faculty members working on the students’ behalf here. Although, my host mom tells stories of the beautiful gardens it once had all over when she was a student there years ago…

English lab at Juan Jose. This is tentatively a “before” picture. I have lots of ideas for ways to improve it. We’ll see how much red tape I can crawl through by the end of my time here. Look forward to the “after” picture!

English lab at Juan Jose.

Convenience. You can’t find them in Minnesota, but there is even a “7-11” in Jinotepe. Something tells me the franchise hasn’t invested much in this one…
Hipico. Horses weaving through the crowd of revelers in Diriamba’s central streets!

From left: Karla (girlfriend of Fernando), Fernando (“brother), Nahima, Gando, and Alison in front.

From left: Half of Karla, Fernando, Christiana (girlfriend of Marcos), Nahima, Marcos (“brother”), Me, and half of Alison in the front.

Alison caballera. I think this was her first time on a horse! She didn’t last long, but she was a good sport.

Alison y yo. Alison, daughter of Nahima, is 3 years old and very photogenic.

La puesta del sol. Beautiful sunset over Diriamba, complete with a caballerito.

El Reloj. The public clock in Diriamba isn’t really good for much except photos and giving directions! Most towns and cities do not name their streets, so it’s always useful to have landmarks like this to navigate by. Example: The “address” at my house in Jinotepe is “from the stadium, about 75meters to the north”. Literally.

Los chavalos. Gando and Marcos enjoying the festivities at Hipico.

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